ISO 9001:2008, ITAR Certified & RoHs compliant

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Precision Technologies, Inc.

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Horizontal  multi-axis machining for instrumentation Horizontal  multi-axis machining for instrumentation pt8759 Tight tolerances + - 0.0005 for Robotics industry Small part Machining, micro machining Assembly for robotics engineering support

A Multi-Level Manufacturing Facility Designed For High Efficiency Production

Precision Technologies' Manufacturing Facility

Precision Technologies’ Manufacturing Facility

We designed our 15,000 square foot facility to give top priority to each phase of production—from engineering to assembly.

We have designated a considerable area to our quality control department, ensuring error-free products and underscoring our commitment to quality. The proof of our commitment is demonstrated by years of continual investment in the most advanced technology.

Lean manufacturing coupled with Six Sigma practices sets the bar high in this very competitive manufacturing field where our customers expect and get the very best product available. By practicing Lean Manufacturing, we are able to keep manufacturing costs at a minimum thus passing along the savings to our customers. All our purchasing and manufacturing is made to order, keeping our inventory and stock items at a bare minimum. Because all work in process is inspected at every operation, our defect rate is virtually nonexistent.

We continuously improve quality by analyzing our manufacturing processes and documenting our controls. Precision Technologies uses KAN-BAN manufacturing systems to effectively control work in process.

One of our most distinguishing features is an onsite electro-mechanical assembly department where your components will be assembled and delivered in a shorter period of time than is customary, saving you time and money.

Precision Technologies is an ISO Certified company and as such we maintain thorough and accurate record keeping of your product through our ERP Manufacturing software. In addition to ISO Certification, we are an ITAR Certified company which gives us the capability to manufacture sensitive products. We have a very stringent protocol for protecting our customer’s classified designs

Precision Technologies' Manufacturing Shop Floor

Precision Technologies’ Manufacturing Shop Floor